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Overview of My Hilarious Kindle EBook "Read My Pook, Beoble!"

You zbeak London?’…’Atrocious!’ is the best word that came to mind when I remembered how my Egyptian English teacher used to pronounce English. He obviously mixed up the “Bs” with the “Ps” and the “Zs” with the “Ss”. On the plus side, the fact that I can speak proper English today only proves that I’m a miracle worker!...

"Read My Pook, Beoble!" is a “Colorful Enlightenment” lived and written by yours truly: A Canadian/Egyptian artist who strives to portray the best of both worlds (the East and the West) through my thought-provokingly funny artwork.


Throughout the book, I shed light on the unusual experiences a Middle Eastern woman would go through when she immigrates to Canada alone.

The cultural shock…The unexpected summer rains on an interview date…How did “The Artist’s Way” book by Julia Cameron helped me heal my “creative scar tissues”…How did I manage to blend in and turn into a beautiful piece of the magnificent mosaic of Canadian diversity…What happened when I performed standup comedy for the first time ever…Why do I brag mySTINKY sink on my personal branding video…Why do I HATE male-dominance (Go figure!)…Why do I have a soft spot the British accent…and the list goes on.

The book includes some of my poetry and cartoon illustrations…

A Butterfly can freely choose where to fly

But as a caterpillar, she didn’t even try

Safe in her silky prison

She didn’t panic…she didn’t cry


She was…and will always be until the day she dies

These words sum up my journey.

Fasten your seatbelts. You’re up for a wild ride…


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