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Award-winning Marketing Expert, SEO Copywriter & Social Media Strategist

Award-Winning Business Plan

I was honored to win the first prize for the business plan that I presented to Dixon Hall Self-employment center in Canada. The business Plan covered the following Topics:

  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Advantage  
  • Mission/Vision  
  • Products and Services        
  • Market Research     
  • E-Business Industry Profile in Toronto                                                     
  • SWOT ANALYSIS OF SMEs (Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises) in Canada  
  • e-Blast Consulting Market Survey  
  • First Five Years Promotional Strategy
  • Key Competitors Analysis 
  • Pricing Strategy  
  • Recognition of Risk  
  • Implementation Plan    
  • e-Blast Consulting Cash Flow Forecast 

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Executive Summary

Business Description

e-Blast Consulting is a training and consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of Internet-based services for small-to-medium-sized businesses at competitive prices. e-Blast services are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy with respect to the use of web technology. As a result, our clients will guarantee effective web presence, competitive advantage and positive ROI (return on investment). 

e-Blast Consulting plans to provide wide range of services during the first year of operation including:

1. Customized Services:  e-Blast Consulting offers highly customized services to match our clients’ business vision. Customized services include business analysis and consultation services, project management, website design and development, maintenance and online marketing.

2. Ready-made Services:  e-Blast Consulting provides fast and cost effective ready-made web site design templates for clients who have limited budget for e-business investment. 

3. Training Services: e-Blast Consulting offers one-on-one and classroom training services in up-to-date topics in the areas of business analysis, web design, database design and programming.

Ownership and Management 

      e-Blast Consulting is owned and operated by Heba Hosny. She has a University Degree in Computer Science combined with Twelve years experience in the areas of business analysis, training, consulting, management information systems, web technology, programming, database design, marketing and sales. This comprehensive background provides the skills necessary to support business operations, technical aspects of a computer-based business, and the design and development of products for our clients. Her skills will be complemented by a team of sub-contractors who specialize in various technologies. The company will be registered as sole proprietorship under the laws of Ontario.

Competitive Advantage
e-Blast Consulting would have excellent chance to penetrate the market and build a respected corporate identity for the following reasons:

e-Blast Consulting offers high quality and cost-effective solutions. Other Companies that provide cheap solutions exclude search optimization and business analysis services. E-Blast, on the other hand, would provide cost-effective solutions that are searchable by popular search engines such as google and yahoo. In addition, e-Blast Consulting plans to handle major part of the business analysis by providing ready-made design templates that are categorized by business type.
e-Blast Consulting services are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy with respect to the use of web technology. This feature would attract small business owners who need web solutions that reflect their business vision.
e-Blast Consulting potential competitors specialize in either customized or ready-made services only          e-Blast consulting would focus equally on clients who need both customized and cost-effective services to increase its customer base and build a versatile portfolio. 

Mission – Vision Statement

      e-Blast Consulting is a home-based business that provides quality Web site design, e-business consultation, and training services to small-to-medium-sized businesses owners at competitive prices. Our potential client base is located in the Toronto area. We plan to promote our services to professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) as well as companies that provide business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) services and products. 

       Our number one priority is developing a recognizable and respected corporate identity within our target niche market by highlighting our unique features. There is an increasing need for firms such as e-Blast Consulting that combine business strategy and solid web implementation experience. We will help our clients evaluate and implement e-business solutions that best suit their business objectives and budget. In doing so, we will guide our clients to best practices in e-marketing that would give them competitive advantage and increase their ROI (return on investment). 

       Our goal is to become profitable by the end of the second year of operation by selling a minimum of ten Web sites in the first year and twenty in the second. We will achieve these goals through aggressive marketing and promotion to our niche market. We will create increasing awareness of our business through personal selling, networking through associations, industry contacts, teaching venues, and the Internet site.

e-Blast Consulting Expansion Plans During the First Five Years:

By 2006, e-Blast Consulting plans to resell web hosting services. In other words, e-Blast would buy web space from a web hosting company and sell it to interested clients.
By 2007, e-Blast owner plans to build a membership-based web site that provides online strategic consulting and business analysis for Companies.

By 2008, we plan to expand our business to an office space.

By 2008, we plan to hire at least two full-time consultants and one direct sales personnel. 

By 2008, e-Blast Consulting plans to provide in-house web hosting and domain registration services. 

By 2009, we will have a separate division for training services. We will provide in-house classrooms and hire at least one full-time computer instructor.

By 2009, we plan to develop membership-based e-learning services for the courses we provide.